Welcome to my travel blog and what I hope will become an insight into the brainwaves that whirl around in my mind and the adventures that fill up my adventure cup! 

​My name is Natalie and I am currently living and working (sometimes) in the UK. If you're interested in how I came to be an always lost, forever freezing and transitioning tea fiend human being in the UK, then head on over to the about me section first. 


I love reading through travel blogs where avid adventurers spill swashbuckling secrets, share unbelievable snaps of Mother Nature's hidden gems and tell all about their unique experiences they've had during their time abroad. These blogs have inspired my creativity and in some way have become the source from which this little travel blog seed of mine has grown.


I'm passionate about seeing and experiencing as much of this beautiful world where we live and I hope to sow rows and rows of tips, tales and twists so that these pages may blossom and help you along your own journey.




Nat xx