// R Y E

a (rare) sunny day in 


Fancy a little day trip? 


Try visiting this seaside village of Rye!

Because, well, Rye not!?

Rye in East Sussex is as picture-perfect as towns come. It’s a seaside settlement with a labyrinth of winding streets and passageways, quirky shops and cute cafes that make for a perfect day out!

One must do in Rye: climb the bell tower at twelfth-century St Mary’s Church. Your climb will be rewarded with views across Rye’s rust coloured rooftops, cobbled streets and wonky half-timbered houses.

Other fun activities include bargain hunting in the many sleepy antique shops around Mermaid Street, finding some boozy boltholes which offer unusual gins (at the GlobaI Inn Marsh) and super local craft beers (at Rye Waterworks Micropub) and queuing for ice cream at the Mermaid Street Café! And, then when you have done all that, go watch sunset at Cambersands. A place that will make you feel like you've been transported away from the UK and to a place where good beaches actually exist ;)

Stay wild, 

Nat xx