living abroad 

(the good, not so good and all things in between)

The not so good: 

My life abroad has been a whirlwind: from moving without having step foot in England, being 6373827 miles away from family and friends. finding a place to live, starting a new job ... and then trying my best to balance my new job with finding flights, packing my suitcase, printing off boarding passes, adventuring and eventually coming home to wash my dirty laundry (the essentials). It’s been so very exhausting. But also oh so very exhilarating.

The good:

Whilst I loved my time at school and university, the best lessons I’ve learnt are from living abroad. And that’s not just life administration lessons (like paying rent on time, cleaning the house and fixing things when they decide to spring a leak at two in the morning). It’s lessons about the world. As Mark Twain says, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” I’m so privileged to now have greater appreciation of how little I really knew about the world in my little Australian bubble and how much more there is to learn out there. Here’s a little peek into my life as I now know it.