your guide to get to 

St. Peter's pool 

In a nutshell, St Peter’s Pool is one of Mother Nature’s perfect little swimming pool creations. You can find it in the South of Malta, around a thirty-minute walk from the fishing village Marsaxlokk. Obviously, if you have a car, then you can just drive straight to St Peters Pool and park in one of the car spots available.

But fear not, getting to St Peters Pool by public transport is pretty easy too!  

  1. Make your way to Valletta bus terminals.

  2. Go to A6 (where the busses depart for Marsaxlokk).

  3. Take the TD10, 81 or 85 (but just check with the driver that the bus does go to Marsaxlokk first).

  4. Board the bus and buy your ticket from the driver.

  5. Look for the bus stop Delimara stop and get off there!

Once you’re off the bus, follow the narrow road out towards the Delimara Lighthouse until you are just past the power station chimney and you see a low building on the left with ‘St Peter’s Pool’ signposted on it. Follow the track all the way to the pool. If it’s summer, then it’s likely there’s a whole bunch of people heading in the same direction and you can follow them!

So we spent a few hours at St Peter's Pool until we became human prunes and then decided to adventure around the area to see what we could find! And we found some real gems!


I couldn't really tell you where we went to because we didn't really take note of that ... but you should definitely make an adventure of your own! And when you're all done, then just make your way back to Marsaxlokk and catch the TD10, 81 or 85 back to Valletta!

Nat xx