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A short drive from Amberley is the charming, picturesque market town of Arundel in West Sussex. It’s probably most famous for two stunning landmarks – the Arundel Castle and Arundel Cathedral – but there’s loads of other things to do too!  

Arundel Castle

One of England’s longest inhabited country houses, Arundel Castle has belonged to the Howard family, the Dukes of Norfolk, since the 11th century. The castle was founded in 1067. It was almost ruined in the Civil War but was restored in the 18th century and then almost totally rebuilt from the 1870s to the 1890s to become one of Victorian England’s most prized Gothic Revival monuments.

Arundel Cathedral

One of England’s most beloved Gothic Revival churches, Arundel Cathedral was built at the turn of the 1870s and echoes the great French Medieval cathedrals. You can go in and marvel the workmanship, looking around at the stained glass and tracery in the rose window… and soak up some warmth in the winter.

Saint Nicholas' Church

In Arundel Castle’s western grounds is a very unusual Perpendicular Gothic church, divided into two separate worship areas for Anglicans and Catholics. Originally this was all the Fitzalan Chapel, raised in 1380 by Richard Fitzalan, the 11th Earl of Arundel. The chapel was badly damaged during the Civil War in the mid-17th century but then restored later in the 1830s.

Arundel's Farmers Markets

For the best of the Sussex and Hampshire countryside, the Arundel Farmers’ Market trades in the town centre on the third Saturday of the month. Almost everything sold here is grown, made or reared within 40 miles of Arundel. There’s an abundance of meat, dairy, preserves, fruit and vegetables, cakes, pies, bread, herbs and flowers.

Arundel' Festivals

Across ten days in August people pour into Arundel for hundreds of music, drama, street theatre performances and art. It’s a rare opportunity to meet skilled painters, ceramicists, illustrators, sculptors, furniture makers, printers and more, and there’s the bonus of seeing inside many of Arundel’s beautiful period homes.

Arundel's Best Cakes

There’s a real abundance of choice when it comes to where to eat, drink and rest up your legs in Arundel. We chose a place called LG café based on their shop display of phenomenal pastries. The décor, like the cakes, is on the little wild and wonderful side. We ordered the brownie to have over coffee and then took a few more home with us (it was my birthday after all). They have heaps of variations of brownies too – rocky road, freddo flavoured, rum & raisin and even a minty aero twist!

I'd love to hear of any other suggestions of things to do around Arundel. 

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Stay wild, 

Nat xx