a little about me ...

Nationality: Australian

Age: 25ish years

Current location: United Kingdom

Favourite food: Peanut butter

What I couldn’t live without: Peanut butter

Favourite colour: Violet

Worse trait: Poor direction skills

Best trait: Impromptu adventures when I read the map completely and ridiculously wrong …

Bucket list item for 2019 that I ticked off my list: Explore Canada and eat maple soaked pancakes until I pop!

Bucket list item for 2020: Adventure with alpacas in Peru 

(just quickly)

life abroad

I moved to another country with two suitcases, a lined notebook and a laptop i've had since grade twelve. Actually, it's the very same laptop I am using to weave together these sense threads you are reading right now! Thanks Lenovo! Nowhere in my simple collection of luggage was the slightest hint or clue of the whirlwind life wave I was about to surf ... and am still trying my best to not tumble off and make a fool of myself. Even though I never thought I would leave the sunshine-laden, warm, sunny shores of Australia to live in another country (a cold, rainy and sometimes dark country I might add), it's somehow turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life so far.

I have had the travel bug since my travels around Europe in 2014. It was then that I became set on seeing as much of Europe as humanely possible... but little did I know that this plan would later involve me moving countries to live right next door to Europe. My one-too-many wine idea to apply for a Paramedic position with the South East of England one night has become of the better (albiet a little dramatic) wine ideas I have had. I had the interview a few days after submitting my application and was soon selling all my possessions in preparation for my move to a sea very far from my comfort zone of Australia. Fast forward two months and there was me - a little, never moved out of home, still had my clothes washed by my mum, very dependent, me - being sent off by my tribe of a family into the great unknown of the great big world. Two suitcases, one lined notebook and a laptop to keep me company. I've had a real rollercoaster of a ride over these past two and a bit years and I have shared some in the moving abroad section if you're interested and wanted to have a peek!

And that's it really. I'm not a professional writer, I have never had anything published, I don't have a knack for alliteration, never done a photography course ... nor do I really have a clue how this blog stuff works. I'm just your average aussie girl getting lost trying to find herself in this three dimensional space. I'll attempt to update you with all my travels, tips, tricks and recommendations, as well as trying to occasionally post about my time living abroad in the United Kingdom, why I moved here, how to survive living away from family and friends and some funny anecdotes of my clumsy self trying to be a chameleon in England.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans. 

Nat xx